Erin was visiting her cousin Berri in Philadelphia from Atlanta. They where complete opposites, Berri being a prissy, feminine girl, and Erin a rough, saggy jeans wearing, tomboy their whole lives. It wasn’t until they found out through their parents that they shared an attraction to women that they became good friends and decided to spend the summer together.

"Erin, there’s nothing wrong with meeting females on the party-line. In fact, that’s how most of the lesbians here in Philly stay connected. Look, I’ll call and you can just listen."

"Aight B, but I can’t guarantee a damn thang."…

Before Erin knew it she had been on the party-line for two whole hours, holding serious conversation with at least ten different girls. It was amusing to her that the girls could create so many different names like ‘Hot Tamali, Sexxxy Tail, and Peanut Butter’, but couldn’t come up with an original persona, or an interesting pick up line.

Just when she was about to hang up the phone she got a message from a girl who called herself ‘Royalty’.

Erin had to brace herself while listening to ‘Royalty’s’ deep sultry voice. The conversation that they shared was so intense! They talked about everything from how they liked their eggs, to how they liked their sex. The clarity in her voice, as well as her strong vocabulary inspired Erin to think that ‘Royalty’ was not only the beauty that she imagined her to be, but was also educated. It was no surprise to her when ‘Royalty’ revealed that she was a senior communication’s major at Temple University. ‘Royalty’ inquired about Erin’s hopes and aspirations, a thing that no female has ever taken the time to do. She laughed at Erin’s jokes and made it a point to make sure that Erin was amused as well by telling these cute little knock-knock jokes that she read from her little sisters book. ‘Royalty’ was just the type of female that Erin had been hoping to meet while in Philly.

‘Royalty’ was a citified fast talker. She could have probably gotten anything she wanted out of any lesbian with her honey coated voice and appealing conversation. By the time the sun came up ‘Royalty’ persuaded Erin to have phone sex with her. They both found their hands traveling deep into their womanhood. As Erin panted promising ‘Royalty’ to stick her long, fat tongue deep inside her when they met, and to taste every part of her womanhood, and to not miss one inch, ‘Royalty’ called out her name "Erin, ohhhhh, Erin…" and almost pleaded "please, let’s cum together." And they did.

Erin was under a spell. She knew that ‘Royalty’ was special, especially when she promised to make Erin feel like a king.

After they climaxed, they both decided that an experience that intense had to go farther than the party-line, they had to meet.

"Tonight at nine? 8th & South?"
"Yea, ‘Shawty’, ‘Royal-tay’, I think I can find mah way derre." Erin said in her thick southern accent.

The next morning, while cooking pancakes, Berri grinning from ear to ear inquired "Erin, honey did you have company last night?" almost making Erin spit out her orange juice.

All day ‘Royalty’ was all Erin could talk or think about. She couldn’t wait until 9 o’clock came so she could finally meet the noble one. It was a good thing that Berri agreed to double date with them or else she would be a little afraid, considering she was going to meet a woman that heard her almost scream at her peak, that she hadn’t even laid eyes on yet.

‘Royalty’ was even more exotic that Erin expected. She was dark, the color of untainted coffee, tall, with an ass that men and women alike couldn’t help but look at and say "Daaammmnnn!!!" . She had long, smooth, jet black hair that she wore behind her ears and past her shoulders, and a smile couldn’t be labeled as anything else but enchanting. However, looks aren’t everything and they could tell, even before the appetizers arrived that they weren’t compatible. ‘Royalty’, to Erin’s surprise, thought she was really a queen and just knew she was the shit. She spent the whole time sending food back and complaining about everything from the service to the lighting. When Erin made a comment about everything in the restaurant being cool to her, Erin rolled her eyes and replied, "For someone like you…it would be." Erin didn’t know what the fuck that was supposed to mean, or what her problem was, but she did know that ‘Royalty’ she wasn’t at all like she was over the phone.

And Erin was just too damn country for ‘Royalty’. The accent that was cute over the phone only sounded uneducated in public, and she couldn’t believe that Erin had the audacity to wear a gold tooth in public. Although she had beautiful honey colored eyes that matched her skin tone to a tee, and the thuggish look that was a turn on to her, the gold tooth had to go!

Dinner was such a disappointment to the both of them that they couldn’t wait to get out of one another’s presence. Berri handed Erin the keys to her car and said "At least take her home, Erin. I’ll get a ride from Ayiesha." Sensing that Erin didn’t care how the girl got home.

The ride across town was so silent that you could have heard a pin drop. When they pulled up to her house, Erin could’ve smacked herself for have one too many glasses of water. "Look, can I use yo’ toilet?" she asked, as ‘Royalty’ stepped out of the car, flipping her hair over her shoulder. "Fo’ Sho!" she said mocking Erin.

I’m just gonna go in the crib, piss and be out." She said to herself. To her surprise when she stepped out of the bathroom, ‘Royalty’ was standing in her bedroom doorway, naked as the day she was born, except for a pair of red patent leather stilettos. "Shit, baby, you made some promises, do you think I would let you get off that easy?" she said smiling slyly. Erin was under her spell again, for some reason she just couldn’t put up a fight. She walked over to ‘Royalty’ kissing her thick, full lips softly, then harder almost making ‘Royalty’ cry out. She pulled her long dark hair just enough to expose the very top of her neck, sucking on it leaving her mark. Erin took ‘Royalty’s’ breast in her hands, she had just enough to fit, then wrapped almost her whole mouth around them one by one, sucking and licking, making soft slurping sounds. She was grunting as if she was eating her last meal. Erin was determined to fuck ‘Royalty’s’ stuck up ass until she realized she was just another female not a real queen, but as she ran her tongue past her navel, down to her juicy peach, tasting her juices, as ‘Royalty’s hips grinded in a circular motion, she knew that ‘Royalty’ was not like other females. Sexually, ‘Royalty’ was made for her.

Erin elevated ‘Royalty’, laying her back, perching her bottom onto of her face, eating her round ass and succulent pussy, while ‘Royalty’ gripped the headboard crying out "Yesss, Yesss!!!" Being careful not to let her reach her climax, Erin laid her down again taking two of her long fingers and sticking them deep into her tight love-hole, moving them in and out making sure to hit her g-spot. Just when she knew ‘Royalty’ couldn’t take anymore, Erin wrapped her lips around her clitoris sucking, and licking all at the same time. "Please, daddy, please." Erin wasn’t sure what she was pleading for, but as she tasted her sweet, yet salty cum in her mouth she was sure that she had given it to her. As they collapsed onto the queen sized bed, ‘Royalty’ looked at Erin deep into her eyes and soon enough they did the same thing all over again.

During the short ride home, squinting her eyes at the bright sunlight, Erin thought to herself that ‘Royalty’ seemed to have two different personalities, one of them passionate and sensuous, the other dry and arrogant. She wondered if she could bring the one that she had just encountered during sex, out for the rest of the summer. "Is it worth it? Is it possible?" She wondered

She expected Berri to be up sitting on the couch when she walked in the door, worried sick about her, knowing that Erin didn’t know her way around Philadelphia, however, when she got in the clock read 7am and Berri in her bed fast asleep.

That afternoon at lunch, Berri said "Hey, cuz, sorry about that bourgeoisie ass girl. I know you thought she was the one. You ok?" And Erin replied smiling remembering her sexual escapade the night before, "You know what B? I feel like a million bucks---naw, B, better yet…I feel like a king".